AEG - New era of data management

Aegeus, pronounced 'Ay-Gus' means 'Protection' or 'Shield' in Greek. Based on PIVX, Aegeus is a Proof of Stake coin that provides instant and secure transactions across its network. Aegeus has a primary focus on secure data storage and distribution using IPFS and custom built protocols.

AIRIN - Shared multi-nodes

Airin is a cryptocurrency, and development platform which enables shared multi-nodes in larger high marketcap coins. The Airin platform has plans to add to following masternodes into it’s portfolio of shared masternodes: Dash, Diamond, Pivx, Crown, and Gobyte.

CRYPTONODES - Community and open-source POS crypto-currency

Community driven open source project. Stop POW power waste and help save the planet. Cryptonodes will also provide stats pages and more where CNMC can be used for listing. Fore more informations check out our website and discord server.

EXUS - Security focused crypto-currency

EXUS was created to become a POS crypto-currency with a focus on security and anonymity, while being innovative in their approach.
They partenered with a fund specialized in crypto.

NODIUM - Zerocoin Cryptocurrency

Zerocoin Cryptocurrency Masternode & Privacy Focused Nodium is an innovative private payment network and a new kind of money.

SECURECLOUDCOIN - Digital cash for cloud providers

Secure Cloud Decentralized Marketplace will feature a user friendly dashboard, where customers will anonymously login with any SC2 private key and use Secure Cloud Coin for purchase and maintenance of VPS instances from Vultr, and domain names from GoDaddy. The layer of security and anonymity brought by our platform will always be 100% free of charge for customers. Customers will always pay the same USD price they would pay to the Cloud Provider.

VELES - Digital freedom

Veles Acts as a Marketplace and its Open Source software allows anyone to join the network both as a provider – selling unused network traffic or as a customer – buying VPN service from other Veles network providers.

WORX - Decentralized freelance platform

Worx is a decentralized freelance platform connecting clients with freelancers, developers and IT experts from all around the world.
The platform will use crypto-currencies for the payments of all goods and services offered.

XUEZ - Privacy crypto-currency

Our mission is to build and provide an open platform where privacy, anonymity and security are respected as they are fundamental human rights. This is recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and in many other international and regional treaties.

ZEST - The ultimate charitable masternode coin

ZEST is redifining what is a charity project. The ZEST foundation has many programs, all very useful in real life. If you want a better world, this is definitely a project that you should check.