Many things to come !

Today, Masternode Wizard is a Windows software, but our target is to make masternodes really accessible to redistribute the power to everybody.

We perfectly know that our mission is not fulfilled at the moment, and we have a lot of plans and ideas to provide the best experience to our users.

A bigger team

The first version of Masternode Wizard has been developped by m4x_crypto alone, and Edg joined the the team to help on the marketing.

Our roadmap will be much more ambitious and it won’t be possible to reach our dreams without help. 

We plan to recruit :

  • a graphic designer to get a more professional identity
  • a front-end developper

More functions

Masternode Wizard will help you to install masternodes, but we can do more !

  • We plan to add some monitoring functions, so your node will never be offline.
  • We want to provide some tracking service, to assist yuo when you choose a new masternode/

More platforms supported

Yes we know, Windows is not enough, but don’t worry we want to support more platforms. We’ll focus on mobile applications, as we have different plans for computers (see after).

A brand new web platform

As said before, we won’t develop our software for Mac or Linux, because we want to provide a more universal solution. To achieve this ambition, we’ll start our version 2, providing all our wonderful functions directly from your web browser ! No more 3rd party softwares, simplicity at its best !

An API to integrate our service everywhere !

Our world is more and more open and connected, why would you use an external service if masternode installation is provided directly in your wallet ?

Tomorrow, we’ll develop an API to make this possible : we take care of the technical stuff, and all project can integrate our functions.