Hello world !

Today is a great day for us, we are finally revealing our project to the world after weeks of development. Please meet : Masternode Wizard !     Masternode Wizard is a fantastic tool for all those who want to involve in masternodes but are afraid because it's too technical (spoiler : no, it's not). Our software will guide you, step by step, until your own personal masternode is running and generating passive income. Take a few minutes to visit our website, and join the masternode community !  

Few reasons to involve in crypto-currencies

Blockchain, Bitcoin and crypto are words we can hear every day from many different persons. However, It's quite difficult to understand their interest when we know nothing about it, especially as it seems to be a highly speculative and risky domain. If we take few minutes, or hours to learn about crypto, it becomes very clear why this could be the future. In this article, I will only review 3 of them, but there are of course others. We can take the power ! As an educated citizen, I really hate the lack of transparency of the institutions. I think that decentralized applications …

Passive income in crypto

As you know crypto-currencies can be a very interesting way to make money, by investing or by trading. Lately we even heard a lot of people claiming that you can generate passive income thanks to crypto. This post will try to explain a bit what it means and what are the traps to avoid. What is passive income ?   How is it possible in crypto ?   Did I really earn money ? Now it becomes a little bit tricky.  

Avoid scams in crypto-space

Today, it's a little bit difficult to enter the crypto-market as there are more and more people trying to take advantage of the new comers who don't understand well enough the domain. Because we think these people harm a lot the whole crypto-thing, we think that we hae to share a small knowledge with the many. In this article, we want to tell you about few red flags you should try to detect for all crypto-project.   The project Each crypto-currency is linked to a project, so you should read about this project before investing. Most of the informations can be found on the website …