Blockchain, Bitcoin and crypto are words we can hear every day from many different persons. However, It’s quite difficult to understand their interest when we know nothing about it, especially as it seems to be a highly speculative and risky domain.

If we take few minutes, or hours to learn about crypto, it becomes very clear why this could be the future. In this article, I will only review 3 of them, but there are of course others.

We can take the power !

As an educated citizen, I really hate the lack of transparency of the institutions. I think that decentralized applications allow the citizens to get back their fundamental rights, and could avoid a lot of bad things : corruption, wealth accumulation, etc.

Today you think you have money, safely stored in a bank.
In the reality, only the bank have a complete power over your money. They can block your money, they can play with it on the market, and much more. More critical, if their system gets hacked, you could lose everything. With a decentralized system, such as Bitcoin, no bank is involved and their flaws disappear.

Technology is fantastic

As an engineer, I was amazed by the blockchain technology the first time I read an article on that topic. I do believe this technology is a giant step for the IT world, and I want to support this revolution. We have the chance to live the beginning of it, and we can even be actors !

Who said money ?

As a human being, I would lie if I said that I don’t want more money. This flourishing industry has a gigantic growth potential, and as early adopters we could earn a lot. This is not my primary target, but it is a consequence.



By writing this post, I hope that I could inspire some people to invest on this revolution even if they don’t have a passion for market trading. The domain is vast enough to find your own reason to involve. Just sit for a few minutes, and think about it.

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